Little Creatures sold….out

I woke up to some disastrous news. Little Creatures Brewery have sold their business to a large Corporation, Lion Nathan. They have stated the recipes wont change and the brewing process will remain. But we all know that is bunkum. Remember when ‘Red Back Beer’ was sold. Seen a Red Back in your bottle shop lately? No. They lost favour (and flavour) with the buying public in the months and years after they sold…out…and have since been ‘exterminated’

Beer in moderation is a pleasure I partake in, and Little Creatures have produced many fine beers, with my favourite being the ‘Bright Ale’, but I will just as happily enjoy their Pale Ale.

I have spent many a happy time down at Freo eating pizza’s (goat my favourite) and enjoying some lovely brew from the tap. Now I can’t help but feel that it is an beginning of the end for the Craft Brewer from Fremantle.

Fortunately there are many alternatives.

Feral Brewery make a number of fine ales.

But perhaps my favourite at the moment is the lovely Hop Rocker Pilsner from Mac Brewery in NZ

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