The Dockers under Lyon

It has been a while since I have posted anything Docker related. Following the extraordinary Derby on the weekend, it seems a good time.

As regular readers of this blog will know, my view (for what it is) on Ross Lyon has been one of indifference, antagonism, begrudging acceptance.

Obviously the way he was appointed was wrong, but that is not his fault. I continue to maintain the rage at the administration of the Fremantle Football Club. But that is another story.

Ross Lyon has begun to see his game plan be successfully implemented after a season of oscillating form. The last five weeks have been 5 wins for the Dockers. Four of those wins were lesser teams, but we still won. This weeks game against a West Coast Team needing to move into the top four was the real test. It was a test we passed with flying colours. I sat there and chatted with my wife after the game in stunned surprise. How did we so comprehensively beat that team I asked her. It was not enough to suggest Pavlich stellar form, and 8 goal haul was the answer. Nor could the absence of a truly great Fullback (Darren Glass), be enough for the 60 point margin.

No. It was the gamestyle. I thought all Ross cared about was defense.  You don’t win games unless you kick more goals than the opposition. But what was clear on the weekend as I watched the game up close, was that Ross divides the field into 3 parts. Our defense, led by the magnificent Luke McPharlin, have stymied the opposition, frustrated them so much, that by the time it comes out of there, the midfield find space, and get it into Pav, or Ballyntyne or Son Son, so quickly, their defense is already scrambling.

I am now a believer in Ross Lyon. I reckon he is an intelligent, contemporary and focused. Scarily so. Almost psychotic.

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  1. It wasn’t his fault the way he was appointed? Tell that to the Saints. Hey, tell that to Harvey. It was hardly a mystery to Lyon that Harvey was contracted. I don’t think anyone came out of that one without blood on their hands.

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