What would you do if you won 222 Million Dollars

In the news recently is the couple from the UK who have won 222 million dollars. That is a lot of money! This post is not a commentary on them, but it did provoke me to wonder, how would I spend 222 million dollars if I won it.

Each person will have their own bias, and that is good because God has made us all different, with all types of desires, wishes and passions. So your list might be equally valid as mine. You might also think that my list is not as good as it could be, for some reason. So this is not about justifying what we spend money on, that is each persons own choice. God has given us that choice. But feel free to comment and post your own thoughts.

What would you do with 222 Million dollars if you won it? Honestly. In no particular order..
1. Buy a new church (Church is the answer to the worlds issues, it is Jesus’ body on earth)

2. Buy some houses for people in need

3. Pay off our home and buy one for each of our kids (We are called to care for our family first)

4. Invest wisely and start a major fund to help children in need (You could change so many lives with a significant amount of money, why wouldn’t you)

5. Help some indigenous churches (Something on my heart, a deep passion which might be expressed one day)

6. Buy a Engel fridge, snorkel and bullbar for the Zook (Why not….I’ve just won 222 million dollars for goodness sake)

For where your treasure is, there is your heart also….

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