This weekend I spent Friday and Saturday with the blokes who organise the Mighty Mens Conferences around Australia. It was a praying, sharing and visionary time. We met at the small rural town in South Australia called Balaklava.

We talked about how many men are taking their lives, living with shame, making really unhealthy choices in their lives, forgetting God’s place and generally living empty lives. So many blokes in Australia are doing it tough and being less than what they could be. Particularly when it comes to suicide, we really feel we need to do something. Men living with shame may be a contributor.

We have to do something. The Mighty Mens Conferences are about gathering men together to work through in a meaningful way the issues that confront their lives. This is our vision. Not to grow a movement, but the see Australian men find hope.

We are praying about and organising regional meetings, particularly in rural environments all over Australia. Pray for us. It is only one piece of the puzzle, and many others are doing just as valuable ministries. But we have to do something.

Mighty Mens Australia

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