The relentlessness of preaching

Every week. Sometimes twice a week. Sometimes more if there are funerals or weddings or special events.

Last week I had to prepare two messages and a short thought for a wedding. The week before it was for a funeral.

I am not the sort of Pastor who can reuse material. It just does not seem to work for me. It needs to be fresh. There is a relentlessness about that. But you know, I am not complaining. One of my friends, a pastor, said that God knows we Pastors need Him to prepare messages. Maybe if I didn’t need God in that way, I might neglect Him. As it is, I have to be devotionally and purposefully reading through the scriptures. I also have to meditate and read what others have said.

Either way, the burden can be burdensome, or it can be a joy.

Here are some helpful thoughts from Francis Chan

1. Am I worried about what people will think of my message or what God thinks?

2. Do I genuinely love these people?

3. Am I accurately presenting this passage?

4. Am I depending on the Holy Spirit’s power or on my own cleverness?

5. Have I applied this message to my own life?

6. Will this message draw attention to me or to God?

7. Do the people really need this message?

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