How to know you are a bogan

1. You live in Rockingham

2. You wear uggboots.

3. You holiday in Bali

4. Your three year old has a Bintang T-Shirt

5. You think dining flash is ordering the upgrade on your Happy Meal

6. You add ice to your beer and drink wine from the box

7. You drive a Commodore…of any type

8. You live in Rockingham

7 thoughts on “How to know you are a bogan”

  1. acdc are almost mainstream now….try Nickleback.

    Amanda…..the dad having a Bintant shirt is a given! Its the kid wearing one that seals the deal! lol….

  2. I think that any self respecting bogan would gladly cause you harm if you suggested they would like Nickelback!
    Oh you also forgot (this is Joel’s suggestion) the holden needs to be sporting a chevy badge.

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