Something personal

Why is it you can share something personal on a blog…which anyone can see…but struggle to share it one on one….

This past week I have been invigorated as I have experienced the prophetic. A pastor called Mark Poree from South Africa has some prophetic words for me at the Mighty Mens Conference.
Talk about wanting to know God more…when you hear words that the prophet has no real way to know, apart from hearing from God, it really does blow your spiritual socks off.

He shared some very hard. strong and stirring words with me about an issue that I have been facing the past three days before, and which only I and one other person knew about it. And his words were spot on. I knew it was God reassuring but also challenging me.

It also reminded me of the place prophetic words have had at important times in my ministry life.
Thank you God. You are real, you have something to say to me…today.

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