The Fremantle Dockers proud Aboriginal history

Since its inception, there has only been one game ever, that an Aboriginal player has not been on the field for the Dockers.

At one stage there were 7 Aboriginal players on our list.

That is something to be proud of. More than any other arena, the sports one is one where Aboriginal people have found acceptance, respect and equality. Of course it has not always been so, and there are still awful stories of racism pottering around the edges of the AFL. But in the main, AFL Football should be glad with the way it has advanced the cause of these original Australians.

As a Dockers fan, we actually named our son after a great Freo Aboriginal player, Clem Michael. His father, Stephen, was arguably one of the best players ever.

We have been thrilled with the skillful Fremantle Dockers players with an Aboriginal ancestry from Winston Abraham, Garry Dhurrkay, Jeff Farmer, Roger Hayden and Michael Johnson. What a wonderful bunch of men.

Now we look forward to Stephen Hill becoming all he can be and others as well. Makes you proud to be a Dockers Member.

Although it is well documented that the change of logo and jumper was not met with gladness by myself, I must say that the Indigenous Jumper that Roger Hayden has been involved with is a beauty. Might just consider getting one!

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  1. Hi could Stephen Hill and Luke mcpharlin come & show unity of
    Culture & visit our primary school in 3rd term week
    4?? Our school would love the unity in diversity they would demonstrate to all our youngsters. We
    Have a minority of aboriginal students & quite a
    Good mix of students who come from other cultures that also live & breath Aussie Rules football. It would
    Be an honor to have both luke & Stephen be our special guest.
    Iam looking forward to your reply kind regards. Kathleen
    Troy (AIEO)

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