The magnet that is Tasmania

Our family have just returned from almost three weeks away.

A week with our pastoral team at the Hillsong Conference, and then almost two weeks in Tasmania. Tasmania has become a bit of a magnet for us, we have visited there 3 times in the past 3 years, for a brief holiday, for 2 months long service, and just now for ministry and holiday time.

Having good friends there helps. This time we stayed mostly with one of my Mighty Mens Conference mates and his lovely wife. They were very hospitable, and I think Melinda has made a friend for life.

The ministry time was significant, for me at least. I had the opportunity to speak twice at the God Squad Church, and then to a group of about 150 men at a midweek men’s gathering. To see that many men turn up on a cold Tasmanian night to a midweek meeting, to hear a bloke they did not know, was pretty extraordinary to be honest. I spoke on Hosea and Gomer. A sermon God dropped in my lap during the flight home last time I visited Tasmania. I think it was a significant time.

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