God rules OK

“If God is silent, what’s that to you? If he turns his face away, what can you do about it? But whether silent or hidden, he’s there, ruling,” – Job 34:29 (MSG)

Speaking from the book of Job this week, wow, what a book.
The oldest book in the bible confronts the most modern of questions,
“Where is God when life sucks?”

7 thoughts on “God rules OK”

  1. Great verse Mark …not sure what I would do, not sure what I would reckon … but that don’t really mean anything. Someone once said, God said it, I believe it … but the reality REALLY is this , God said it !!! me believing it doesn’t really matter, God said it!!! GREAT verse, pray for a great exposition – take care my friend.

  2. Just realised God is silent… Hmmmm, God said it, I beieve it!!! – Amen. So if God said it, and I believe that, why can’t I believe in God and His silence?, well, yes I do. And if God should turn His face away?, I praise Him for the days I saw God and His reflected – glory, yes indeed , amen!!

  3. “Where is God when life sucks?”

    Mark, where He always is… right beside you! John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

    Christ promises that he would continue his care of his disciples. I will not leave you orphans, or fatherless, for though I leave you, yet I leave you this comfort, I will come to you. I will come speedily to you at my resurrection. I will come daily to you in my Spirit; in the tokens of his love, and visits of his grace. I will come certainly at the end of time. Those only that see Christ with an eye of faith, shall see him for ever: the world sees him no more till his second coming; but his disciples have communion with him in his absence. Matthew Henry.

    Have a great time in Job.

    Be encouraged!

  4. Ta John,

    true, but even Job, a righteous man whom God loved and was proud of, had days, maybe even weeks when life sucked, and God seemed really absent.


  5. man i reckon a key here is Where is God in our world today.

    Look at Moses’ time, God was this huge pillar of fire, or a burning mountain. Or in Solomon’s time, God filled the temple for all to see!!! And then there was Jesus walking on earth.

    Where is he visible now???

    Answer: The Holy Spirit dwells in all those who believe in Christ. God lives IN the people who believe in him. Where is God in this world??? The Church maybe?? His loyal followers now have God inside them, they are the spokes people, and the intimate family of God.

    I think God’s really left himself vulnerable by doing this, but it does create a level of intamacy unequalled when we get it right.

    Where is God when life sucks?? It should be the Church right there helping out…

  6. Love what his wife said, curse God and die ???? – and, she shared in his blessings ???, but those were not only Job’s children that were dying those were her’s, they were her children that died one by one, that was her husband that was disintergrating, she put up with, more than Job did .. . and she shared in his blessings .. yes, she did … Amen.

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