Les Everitt and Bell

Here’s a great article from one of the board members of the FFC.


This line in particular took my fancy,
“Others are not so observant. During the mid-season break ABC Radio had an “in-depth” look at each club. You may remember that Fremantle took the break after its worst performance since 2001 – thrashed at home by Geelong. Former Carlton captain Mark Maclure, now a special comments man on the ABC, had the solution. Fremantle had to act immediately he said – not at the end of the season – but right away. It was time to get rid of Peter Bell, Jeff Farmer and Paul Medhurst. By the way Peter Bell didn’t play in the Geelong game. Maclure’s argument was that Bell is no longer the player he was at North Melbourne and that Farmer and Medhurst were (like ever other small forward in the history of the game) too inconsistent. You can bet he’s pleased that Medhurst in currently playing in the WAFL but you can be equally sure he’s saying “I told ya so” all that often when discussion turns to Fremantle. As has been mentioned before on this page lots of people talk about footy on the wireless and the TV – the important thing is that while we may tune in we’re not obligated to really listen. “

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