Being a Pastor

Not always an easy job, not often an easy job.
Dealing with people, sad ones, depressed ones, frustrated ones, impatient ones.

When it comes to matters of spirituality, everyone has an opinion, some strong ones as well.
We cant all be right.

I wonder sometimes about the balance between spiritualising matters and being pragmatic.
How more churches don’t split apart is beyond me.

“Give me wisdom, strength and vision God. Help me to lead well.

In the old days the word ‘awesome’ was used much differently to how it is now.
In the old sense it was used to mean “to hold something as serious, as of significance”. It was a serious word, a word meant to invoke feelings of reverence.
As I think about trying to lead people in spiritual matters, I wonder, what the heck am I doing? This is an ‘awesome’ responsibility, even if it is only a small church.
I also wonder about those great spiritual leaders of our day. I dont think half of them know what they are doing, if any of them .
We are all so fragile, our feet are made of clay.

As I looked around our childrens program today, and the room was absolutely packed, I wondered, what the heck are we doing? This semester we started the third day of the program, and it is now bursting at the seams, with families in need of the live and joy Jesus offers.
What an ‘awesome’ responsibility.
I dont want to take it lightly, but neither do I want to think there is really much wisdom in me to make it all work.

4 thoughts on “Being a Pastor”

  1. well done… its come full circle where people are realising materialism is not bringing them happiness and are seeking more.

    perhaps to be like their folks of the previous generation where life was good and god ruled 🙂

  2. G’day Mark, just wanted to let you know I’ve linked to a couple of posts of yours.

    Plus I also recently posted up a couple of essays that received good marks at Tabor – one of the imago Dei and one on the relationship between the fourth gospel and the epistles of John. Enjoy, mate, because I sure enjoy reading your blog! Blessings, Lee

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