The Fremantle Dockers Board

The Fremantle board was right to get Ross Lyon as coach. Under Ross’ excellent tutelage and discipline, the Dockers have become something the opposite of what we have always been known as, disciplined. To watch the ferocious defensive pressure of this team is astounding. No more evident than the game against Carlton where Ross’ team of forwards hounded the Carlton defenders until a turnover came, and the incredulous Brian Taylor applauded from the box.

This weeks game against the far less credentialed GWS also demonstrated the tenacity of our forward press. So getting Ross was the right move. This is a well drilled, disciplined and most of all ‘aware’ team.

How the Board disposed of Harvey, ruthlessly, without a moment of compassion, was not good. Harvey was a loved coach, and put his heart and soul into the side. Making tough decisions. He deserved better. But what it is, is what it is, and ultimately Fremantle got their man, and he was and is the right one.

However something is concerning me about my Fremantle Dockers at the moment. Crowds are low. Despite the winning run from Fremantle, we are averaging around 34,000 for home games. This is 3000 less than 2010 and only marginally better than 2012. Is it just me, or is there a decided lack of presence from the crowd? Yes we are still passionate and loud. But there is something missing. Perhaps….some of the soul has gone. Chris Connolly and Schwab, for all the criticism you might level at them, did bring passion to the side. Now I like Lyon, he has a great sense of humour and genuine toughness. So this is not a criticism of him. But perhaps in the improvement and corporatisation of the club, we have lost something which might be difficult to regain.

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  1. football coaching is ruthless at times, (a lot of the times actually) and this time it has proven right, well and truly right.
    since ross lyon has taken over these boys have become so fit, and tough.
    there defensive game is outstanding and plenty to look forward to in the forward line to kick goals.
    dockers showed there toughness against cat’s last week by roughing them up prior to the first bounce which has an unsettling affect on teams.
    i want it to be a cats/dockers grand final but more so a hawks/dockers final just so that the dockers can truly show how good they really are by beating hawthorn, the only team they now need to prove themselves against, that they really can beat the best considering both teams will be fully stocked with
    fit players..a pretty even game compared to earlier in the season..either way it will/should be a great grand final especially if the dockers are there, which they should be.

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