Technology, big churches and small ones

Recently I discovered that a mega church, a true one, not Hamos work, was flogging off for the measly price of $200 US what was basically a DVD of one of their services.
I have to admit, this makes me filthy mad.
Are we in the money making business, or the soul winning business?
Its time that bigger churches realised they dont have to sell everything they do. Maybe they could pass on some of the blessing they have recieved from God to bless some other smaller churches. In fact I have found the most generous churches are those without a lot. One big northern Church was asked by one of my mates if they could use some of their multi media stuff. No was the reply, but we will be selling it soon, at some ridiculous price.
Sell it for cost price, for what it cost to burn the dvd or cd.
This is good stewardship. Good stewardship is not taking off the small bloke the one lamb he has, to make your huge flock bigger.

Rant over, resume normal nice guy transmision

2 thoughts on “Technology, big churches and small ones”

  1. Yes-taht is something I struggle with…
    Some Churches do not have enough business savvy – God created business and management principles (eg. Ecomomies of scale) which as good steawrds we should diligently apply.

    On the other hand…

    Some Churches overstep the mark by applying business principles without diligently testing it against scripture (eg. Using the fundraising strategies of the world ‘eg. special niceness’ to flatter people with lots of money).

    The whole business/sales/money/governance/stewardship thing needs to be opened up to more discussion.

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