The Machine Gun Preacher visits Inglewood Church

Last night we held a blokes night for the ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Sam Childers.

It was a fantastic night. About 240 blokes turned up and Eliot and Rob and the band played some great rock’n’roll music to kick off the evening.

One song they played which I love is ‘heaven let your light shine down’ A great example of a secular song being reworked to suit a spiritual purpose.

Sam Childers was an engaging, humorous and passionate speaker. He shared his heart for the orphans in Africa and how he was drawn to help them when he came across a child many years ago severely injured by a land mine. Is there anything more evil and insidious than a land mine. Its the evil that keeps on being evil, years after its original purpose is gone.

Some people criticise Sam for his forthright and decisive action in the face of evil and violence. He is not a violent man. However he has done things which he regrets. He has also stood up for the fatherless and defenseless in a way that not all are comfortable with. Personally I resonate with his passion and determination to do what he can. And do a lot he has! You can read more about his work HERE


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