All things pure….

I’m not one to rail against the evils of the world, the world can explain itself…..

But what is it with all these crime shows on at the moment?
What is it with our insatiable appetite for ‘entertainment’ about people killing each other?
What is it with our facination with delving into forensic science?
Is it that by explaining it somehow we have control over it? We dont have control over what people do to each other, not even God Himself controls that. (He could, but we chose free choice, remember?)

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching NCIS. But that has more to do with the relationships and characters on the show, and crime is interesting, up to a point.

Its just the quantity of these type of shows, every channel is showing at least two of them, and the lengths they are going to to seemingly outdo each other in the shocking crimes they portray.
Is it only me that is thinking about this sort of stuff, or have others noticed it as well?

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