Rex Hunt, you goose

Cameron Schwab has led the charge, and critiqued footy commentators who are ill-prepared and self indulgent. This is especially apparent in Fremantle Games with commentators regularly confusing players, and dragging out old cliches. For instance one commentator commented about Freo’s appalling away record, when in fact Fremantle have the best away record of any team in the AFL at the moment!
One of the strongest reactions, amongst many, was Rex Hunt who spent 12 minutes on the radio defending himself, his preparation, his knowledge of the game.
Then he goes and writes this in regard to Fremantle,

“THEY are making me eat my words but I won’t swallow them until the Dockers actually win a final. But I agree they are looking seriously good, which is full credit to Chris Connolly who has weathered the storm. Suddenly they are all flying, the Cape (Headland), The Primary Producer (Farmer), Dinger Bell, Happy Gilmore, the Vehicles (Carrs), Jimmy Walker and Fess Parker. As for the Saints, they did what they had to do last week against insipid opposition. They’ll have a crack but without Lenny Hayes and with an injured Luke Ball will struggle at the business end”


Only problem is Rex, James Walker has not played for months. YOU GOOSE!!
Bad preparation, ill informed comment.
You would think if it was your job to be a footy commentator and writer, you would watch the games and be aware of the team you are making comment on.

Schwab 1, Hunt 0

2 thoughts on “Rex Hunt, you goose”

  1. very very good call mark. i regularly listen to rex’s call on 3AW over the internet on a friday morning at work and, whilst he is entertaining, there’s more to being a good footy commentator than simply making up a few funny nicknames and making the listener laugh

  2. I agree with ya last few lines of comment there Dave. Not sure about the way the 3AW likes to “entertain” the listener with those looney tunes sounds.

    I find it a little childish and perhaps I’m more used to 6PeeRah and ABC’s calling 🙂

    [The links below aren’t hyperlinked so you’ll need to cut-paste into your browser’s address bar, if you wish to hear them]

    Here’s FFC’s CEO-Cameron on 6PeeRah re:your post mark;

    Here are some other interesting links I’ve put together that I was able to capture from SEN-1116AM, Melbourne;

    Robert Shaw on today;

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