Steve Butler, The West’s worst tipper

Just wanted to point out the the West Australian’s ‘Journalist” (used advisedly) Steve Butler is the West Australian’s worst tipper. If you want to get good tips in your tipping comp, don’t use Steve Butlers. (85 as compared to Reid, Reed and Townsend on 102)

Hardly suprising really, given that he often tips against Fremantle, despite the TAB and his fellow Tipsters predicting a Freo victory.
Reid, Reed and Townsend have all tipped Freo, while Butler has suprise suprise, tipped the Saints.
Anything you would like to tell us Steve?

2 thoughts on “Steve Butler, The West’s worst tipper”

  1. “I’m employed to hate Freo and love and rant about the West Coast Egos”

    –Steve Butler
    [The West proudly supporting WCE]

    hehehe Mikie

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