Inglewood Church Website

Our Church has a new website!

Quite happy with the way it turned out. Fresh look, easy to get to what we think people want.

There are two types of lookers I think.

As I traveled, which is the closest I get to looking for a church, I thought about what I wanted from a church website. I wanted to know how to get there, first and foremost, and what times the service was. If I found the church, I already knew I wanted to go, I did not need to be convinced. Just give me quickly, and in a mobile friendly format, the information I need.

Then we thought about what people want to know if they are looking for a church to potentially become a part of. The information they might be looking for like values, sermons and the staff. Programs that might suit their needs and spiritual desires. So info for those type of people is there as well.

Four big buttons down the bottom are generally the most clicked information people are looking for.

Check it out

One thought on “Inglewood Church Website”

  1. Nice and simple! Good work guys… I agree the website’s main target should be the new person. I would suggest having a Call to Action on the website Mark. I see you have one already with the newsletter but I think a Call to Action for new people would be better. You can have a sign up with the contents off your visitors pack (assuming you have one) – sermon, book etc. This will help the new visitor even more…

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