Anna the worshiper

As an aside from my message this morning at Inglewood Church, here is a few thoughts on Anna from Luke 2.

She has spent her life worshiping day and night, fasting and praying.
What an amazing woman.
We know a bit about the temple in those days
Money sellers
religious nuts

A whole heap of dysfunction around the temple, but still there is this faithful woman. We all know of churches where they have been ripped apart by conflict, where there is really dysfunctional leadership, immorality…but in the midst of that community…there is nearly always someone who is faithful and good and serving God.

It is amazing. There are always faithful people not matter how dark it is. No matter how the church at times tries to rip itself apart, you can nearly always find one or two that are spiritual people, serving God, worshiping Him.
Did this woman take Gods word to the natives in deepest darkest africa? No
Did she built a magnificent church, a mega church? No
Did she lead thousands to Jesus at a massive rally? No
Yet she is talked of in glowing terms. She has spent her life worshiping and praying to God day and night…waiting for the Messiah to come.
What an amazing woman. There is room in the church of God for all types, and for all types of worshippers and folk who will serve God in ways that we are not called to, nor do we necessarily understand.

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