Travelling in the Zook

The 2006 Grand Vitara I bought a few years back and have modified a bit (here) is a great car to go touring in with a small family.  photo(4)

As you can see it was fully loaded for our trip to Bremer Bay and you could not really tell any difference in power with all that weight. A fully loaded trailer, boot and all our clothing and sleeping gear on top was no real

We love to go down the beach fishing and 4 wheel driving with our friends. The Zook loves the sand, tackling the boggy stuff and some inclines with no issues.


I locked it into 4wd Low after watching my friends Landcruisers take a couple of attempts to get over a dune we had to go over. It was no issue with the right run up and understanding that this was a boggy incline.


The Side Awning is okay. We put it up on a really still day and it certainly keeps the sun off you. Its just a pity it is not more robust and well designed.


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