Church Sign

I have just got back the final proofs for our new church sign.
While spending some time reading and praying the other day God spoke to me about ‘being a light to the world’ and one of the things He pointed out was that our church sign was sending a really bad message to the community. Basically that we dont care about how our church looks, nor does anything look like it has changed for 30 years.

Now we are really tight financially at the moment, so how was I going to pay for it? Well I had some generous people tip in for it, and in a fortnight we will have it.
God speaks, God gives through His people. Its pretty humbling when it happens.

Look, I know its only a church sign, but I do think this is important, not as important as the relationships we have in the community, but relevant to being salt and light none the less.
For a church like ours, which has a real focus on being local and whose buildings are used constantly by the community, its important.

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