Mark Williams

The Port Coach decided to have a red hot go at Fremantle in a bizarro press conference at the airport. Amongst other things he said that Josh Carr was the real captain of Freo, that Josh Carr was the reason Fremantle is doing so well, and is the reason the Dockers are a premiership fancied side.

Woh, where do you start?

Methinks Mark is the sort of person who has bitterness issues. This was first evidenced when he had a go at Scott of Scott transport who is a major sponsor of the Power and infamously declared Port would never win the premiership with Mark as the coach. They did, and Williams took the opportunity in his grand final speech to remind him of it.

You would think he would take such a glorious time to thank people, instead of being bitter towards them!

Now he is sniping at Freo before the big game tommorow.

Lets hope Josh plays out of skin, as does Belly, our truly courageous captain, and Port get sent back to Adelaide with their tails between their legs.

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