I had to set out today to buy some coffee machines as gifts for some people.

So Retravision had a full page ad in the West Australian advertising some really nice ones on special. Great! The whole family can catch the train into the City and we will pick them up.

I go into the city store, ask the lady there where they are. She replies, we don’t have any specials on at the moment. I take her over to a copy of the West on her desk and show her the ad. Oh she says, we don’t stock those. I say what??? She is unhelpful and blames the head office, and says its their fault. How does that help me I ask??? No real concern nor responsibility taken.

I then ring six other Retravision stores all over Perth and none of them have them in stock. Unbelievable.

A full page ad in the West would cost what, at least $5000 I would think. What a waste, in fact its not only a waste, it actually causes the company harm, I will never go back there, ever.

I go to Harvey Normans Morley , which I never go to. They not only have them in stock but are $10 cheaper!!!!!!!! Needless to say I buy two of them on the spot.

2 thoughts on “Retravision”

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Markedly… The prob was that you went to Retravision – a national store, when perhaps you could have tried a true purple and proud store – Rick Hart’s ;^)

  2. Yes!!!
    I often use Rick Harts, bought a tv there last year, they are great. Only prob was their osb park store is a bit far, and we were all a bit sick of the shops after traipsing into the city.
    Also went to the Rick Harts Freo members sale as well.

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