Power shut off, now for the other Adelaide side

1pm Perth time the mighty (wow, I can say that with no irony, no chance of being contradicted) play the out of form (Melbourne are crap) and injury ridden Crows in Adelaide.

Chris has asked that Freo fans come out to watch, pay for my ticket Chris, and I will be there.
If we are good enough to get to the GF, I will be in Melbourne, but, going to Adelaide is to much for a Pastor to afford.

Watching Freo last night demolish the Power and the week before destroying the top of the ladder Weagles, I have been reflecting on something.
This is not the team I am used to supporting. It can’t be!!!
But whatever has happened, I dont want it to stop. Whoever is wearing their lucky jocks needs to keep wearing them, and I dont care how bad it gets, because watching Freo at the moment is as good as it gets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “Power shut off, now for the other Adelaide side”

  1. i really hope that we can catch up at the GF.. i don’t really fancy my chances of everything coming together well enough to make it but i’ll be doing all in my power to get there

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