Home and tired

Organising a conference for about 160 Pastors and Leaders take it out of you.
So much details to think about and be on top of.
Huge thanks to Malcolm Rule and his offsider Bevan, who worked hard on all the multi -media stuff.

Phil Baker was really well received and spoke very well.
He called us to not be boring preachers, to engage people.
Apart from being a funny and great orator, he really challenged us.

Allan Myer spoke on Wednesday, and did not even touch what he had been asked to speak on (!) but it did not matter because he gave a challenging and different couple of sessions on spiritual disciplines, with a particular focus on fasting.

The food was great, the company and spirit in the place was excellent, helped in no small part by Colin Battersby and Emma from Whitfords Church.

All in all the 2Gether Conference went really well. We have hopefully broken even financially as well but managed to bless, revive, invigorate and encourage Pastors from all over WA.

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