Richie Benaud Legacy

Amongst all the other tributes to the man who perhaps is the best example of sports commentary…ever….is one little video which sums up a lesson that goes far beyond sports.

We so often don’t say what is blatantly obvious. And right. And frank.

Because we are polite, afraid, scared of the implications. Concerned about what might happen to us if we upset those who can influence our careers and our lives.

Richie Benaud was already a well established commentator and respected cricketer when the moment came that we bowled an underarm ball to our NZ Cousins…to secure a win.

You have to admire his integrity and courage in speaking up in what was Australian cricket’s deepest moment of embarrassment. Something so ‘unAustralian’ that someone needed to say something.

We apologise for and make allowances for our topline sportspeople. Not Richie. With elegance, sophistication and respect…he shares with us his thoughts, and what is the truth.

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