All Together Baptist Pastoral Retreat 2015

This retreat was our best one yet.

Every year the Baptist Pastors and Leaders gather from all over Western Australia for a time of refreshing, input and fellowship.

Our team took a much higher responsibility of the organizational details. From the moment you were greeted in the carpark with a happy smile, then a coffee and muffin handed to you on your way in, your were prepped for a great three days.

The speaker this year was Pastor Mark Conner. I have wanted Mark to speak at our retreat for the past five years, but a combination of factors have meant it could not happen. He brought inspiring, confronting and meaningful  talks on ministering for the long haul. How to relate to people and to God. It was obvious that this message was just what so many of our hard working and busy Pastors and leaders needed.  I found one talk in particular really helpful and transferable. Mark gave 5 principles for healthy leadership.


5 habits of a healthy leader
1. Retreat regularly spiritual (spiritual)
Mat 14.23 Luke 6.12 mark 1.35

2. Deal with internal stress (emotional)
Unrealistic expectations
Negative emotions illustration of trolley
Unresolved conflicts

3. Keep growing (mental)
1 Tim 4.12-15

4. Develop healthy friendships (relational)

5. Keep yourselves fit and healthy

What you tolerate you never change

Example of Pharaoh Do it tommorow ex 8.8-10

On the Monday night we had our own Hawkers Market. Two of the hard working staff members at the Baptist Centre organised this and it was fantastic. We had five food stalls with amazing Asian, South American and French food. There were long queues but people had a chance to talk and interact while waiting. And the food was worth it!

We had fun down the beach, spent time together, prayed and shared our hearts.

On the Wednesday in what has really become the highlight of the conference Mark Wilson, our Director of Ministries, shared his heart with us. A very timely message based around the parable of the sower. Mark encouraged us to keep our souls ready for the word, open to the Spirit. As he called for people to come forward for prayer, many came forward with sincere hearts just wanting to express to God where they were at, and wanting a fresh touch from God. It was amazing.


To finish the Retreat we had organised a moving time where each Pastor or leader came forward to place a candle on a map of either Perth or the state of Western Australia. This candle represents where God has called them to, and where they want to see God work. One newly appointed Pastor and his wife starting crying as they realised that they had a place God had called them to. Perhaps the realisation was coming upon them in a profound way. God calls us all….and this calling is not to be trivialised or easily discarded.

conferencecrowd worshipteamconference

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