Listening to the Word

It distresses me a little when I see a hint of ‘bible worship’. You may see this when someone talks about how we hear from God. I was listening to someone the other day talk about how there is only way to hear from God. Read and study the Bible.  They then went on to dismiss all the other ways people may share on how they hear from God.

First a disclaimer. I believe the Bible is our test. It is our guide. It is how we evaluate what we sense God may be saying to us. But it is not the only way God speaks.

People share how God gives them an impression, a word. How the Spirit speaks to their heart, challenges their soul. How a beautiful sunset is profound. How a piece of music pierces their heart. How God leads them to speak to someone they had no intention of speaking to, and they lead that person to Christ.

We need to be careful that we listen for and worship The Living Word, Jesus Christ. He is revealed to us through the Bible, but there are many other ways He inspires, leads, touches and speaks to us.

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