There is something unexplainably nice about having a wood fire. Admittedly Perth winters can be cold, but by world standards are hardly severe. Perhaps though the difference is we are not really set up for harsh winters as other countries need to be.

Once or twice a year I take my smallish 14 inch chainsaw, an Echo, off to Jarrahdale and bring back a trailer load of wood. There is something very satisfying about going and getting your own wood.

This tends to do us as a family for a couple of months. We only get the fire going when we know we are all going to be home for the night, or at least most of us, for most of the night. So its generally on three or four times a week.

Our little wood heater heats up our rather large lounge room. Beautiful.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.47.34 am

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