Rick on Fundamentalism

Rick Warren has released a great article on fundamentalism, and its danger.
Worth a read.

“These are among the fundamental truths of our Christian faith (or, to use another phrase, they are foundational truths to our faith).
Now, if you believe that these fundamental truths are essential to the Christian faith, then you are a “fundamentalist” in the very basic sense of the word, and within that definition and context Saddleback Church is unapologetically fundamentalist.
There is, however, another kind of fundamentalism that has nothing to do with fundamentals of the Christian faith; instead, it is about keeping the right rules in the right way order to please the right people. “


One thought on “Rick on Fundamentalism”

  1. Interesting to compare what Rick said with what His Holiness said in the much publicised recent speech.

    Also interesting to compare the example of legalism (‘inserting and insisting of adherence to man made rules) to the obsession, often apparently severed from the gospel, to pursue ‘spectular happeninngs’ as a constant of ‘a true Christian’ experience.

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