The Party’s over

Dockers go down and bow out of finals race.
If you had told me that we would participate in a prelim final after round 10, I would have definetley taken it.

Our best year yet, with improvement to come from 2007’s All Australian Ruckman, 2007 Brownlow medalist Brett Peake, and Paul Hasleby to return fully fit, the future looks bright for this bunch of Dockers.

Dockers, biggest winners out of 2007. Biggest losers, Geelong and St Kilda a close second.
What I mean is, based on pre season expectations, Freo have exceeded predictions, the Cats and Saints have really done worse than expected.

5 thoughts on “The Party’s over”

  1. The Party’s not quite over yet. The Mighty Eagles are still holding their winning streak. Did you read your local Sunday Paper. Perhaps you just flicked past this page….Let me refresh your memory. “Awesome Eagles!!…”


  2. yeah well go the mighty bloods and they spank the wiggles, to give you the tag of what geelong earnt in 94/96.

    ‘never the bride, always the bridesmaid’

    and this is why wce is hated, their cockiness – allow freo to teach you how to be humble!

  3. Do you find it ironic that Melborne may take out NSWs footy code premiership, and Sydney may take out Victorias footy code premiership.

    And in both NRL and AFL the 4 grand finals teams are from outside the ‘home’ state.

  4. In response to the second anon
    “obviously not someone whos ever met you hey Mark?” Humble Dockers supporter? I think not.
    But I suppose the anger can be expected … after all…

  5. The Sunday Times is hardly the bastion of reliable journalism!!
    Perhaps a better headline might have been, “Lucky Weagirls fall over line against injury ravaged Crows”. 🙂

    Anyhoo I am not sad the Weagles won because at least the pain of a second GF defeat will be great!! 🙂


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