Johnny Cash, "Hurt" and baggage

Great Sunday this week, with our focus on “baggage”. This week we spent quite bit of time on personal reflection. I am hoping that folk who may never have really thought or done this type of thing before, may start.

Life Coaches, CEO’s, effective leaders all tell us something the Bible has always said, there are times in our lives when we need to stop and meditate. Not empty our minds, but allow the Holy Spirit to fill it. Allow God to deal with us, not the guy next door, not our spouse, but us.

I showed the Johnny Cash video “Hurt”. Talk about powerful! Johnny sings the Nine Inch Nails song with passion and conviction. I dare say he did far better with it than the original writer, Trent, who said, “that song is no longer mine”. The video hows Johnny Cash close to death and reflecting with regret on “his kingdom made of dirt”. He regrets the choices he made, the people he hurt, the life he led, in fact he regrets, and this is the most important thing, the person he is.

God can change that, and give hope to us, not only for our lives but also for who we are, He can change us.

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