Leroy Jetta and the draft

I dont know much about the players about to try their luck in the AFL draft, but I hope Freo pick up Leroy Jetta. From what I read in the Sunday Times today, the kid has the right attitude.

“I would like to stay in Perth if I got drafted by the Dockers, I hate the Eagles”

now there is a young man with his head screwed on right!!!

3 thoughts on “Leroy Jetta and the draft”

  1. markus, the quote you’ve quoted from TST is from Leroy Jetta as Collard wasn’t reported to be interviewed. All it said of Collard was he was suffering from O/Pubis.

    Still both speedsters would be great for Freo’s midfield. Even tho it looks set for Trouble-Glam-Boy Tarrant making his way to Freo along with a swap?!? for our Medhurst to WCE’s Kerr!!

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