So long, and thanks for all the goals

Markedly is in mourning. GHD, Goal Hungry Dwarf, Paul Medhurst is gooorrrn.

Paul was a great source of joy to Freo supporters. I remember one incident when playing Collingwood (ironically) when Paul was in the middle of four of the Pies best defenders right in the goal square. With a subtle and skilful bump, Paul pushed aside the defenders, and calmy marked a beauty, before converting.

When Paul was on song, he kicked them from everywhere. He played on confidence, and when confident, never missed. I have seen him snap a goal while turning on a dime from 60 metres out. I have been about 2 metres from him when he kicked one 55 metres out from the boundary line.

This year he has struggled, even at WAFL level.

We won 9 games in a row without him playing.

Hello to Chris Tarrant. Look forward to your skills and kicking us onto a premiership in 2007.

If he plays well for us, and helps us, it will have been worth it.
Otherwise I can sense a Croad like feel about this trade.

“Trade week’s first mega deal has taken place, with Graham Polak now a Tiger, Chris Tarrant a Docker and Paul Medhurst a Magpie.Under the complex deal, Polak joins the Tigers on a three-year deal from Fremantle for a swap of first-round picks, with the Dockers getting Richmond’s pick no.8 and the Tigers getting the Dockers’ pick 13.The Tigers also gave up their third round pick to the Dockers, pick 42 overall, but in return got the Dockers fourth round pick, no.63.The Dockers then on-traded pick eight to Collingwood for their five-tie leading goalkicker, while goalsneak Medhurst was also traded to the Magpies as part of the package.And to complete the complicated trade, the Magpies and Tigers swapped fourth round picks, with the Tigers getting the Magpies’ pick 60 while Collingwood got Richmond’s pick 63, which the Tigers initially got from Fremantle”

2 thoughts on “So long, and thanks for all the goals”

  1. my feelings exactly. i’ve been a big fan of medders since before freo drafted him as he was a star for my mighty tigers. i hope he goes on to have a great career at collingwood.

    and i too thought of croad the moment i heard we’d got tarrant. let’s hope things turn out very differently with taz and he is the small difference we need to go one step further in 2007.

  2. The Croad stench disappeared, however I’m starting to smell it again, or could that coz the sheep ship is in Freo.

    We can only look forward lads, only look forward – without any off-field attention either.

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