Something drastic has happened.

I can’t drink instant coffee anymore.

I was over a good friends house the other day and they offered me some Mocconna. Expensive coffee, well made by my friend. I drank it.

But I can’t drink it anymore. Instant coffee is not coffee, its brown soup.

I need to go brew myself a latte. Melinda recently bought me a grinding machine so I am grinding my own beans now. MMMMM. Strong latte, made with fresh full strength milk.

Thats coffee.

3 thoughts on “Coffee”


    In 25 years time there will be a QUIT campaign for coffee drinkers. A discovery will have been made that coffee is the main cause of cancer in the Australian population.

    In reality – I’m jealous of your grinder. If you give it to me now I can stop coveting it and you will have helped me out of my sin brother.

  2. I wonder if Jesus drank coffee?

    I did a word search on the online KJV and couldn’t find coffee anywhere in the bible!

    You know Mark, if Jesus didn’t drink it and drinking coffee is not taught in the Bible – you’re on shaky ground mate.

    Typical BTCWA gradute!

  3. Don’t listen to that heathen, Mark. Personally I’m still going through my last jar of Mechano… I mean Moconna (I’m a scrooge). But I promise it won’t get opened on Friday.

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