The Global Leadership Summit

There was some reaction to the GLS with some people deciding not to attend because of the controversy surrounding its founder, Bill Hybels, formerly of Willow Creek Church. What was surprising was how some people had no idea of the controversy. You can google it.

My church, Inglewood Church, hosted the GLS for the first time this year.
It was a rewarding and enriching time. No ministry should be dependent upon its founder. Apart from Christianity itself. Which is dependent upon Jesus, even now.

The GLS chose to do what it should, deal with the issue. There have been multiple accounts of Bills inappropriate behaviour. This post is not to debate the validity of Bills innocence or otherwise. What was important was that the Leadership Conference addressed the issue of women and men working together.

This has particular relevance to me considering my Associate Pastor, a very capable leader, is female. There has to be a way that women and men can work together. Can minister together. Can learn and grow from each other, without the need for strict boundaries. Fearful boundaries.

It was great to hear from Danielle Strickland on this very issue. It is a pity that some who stayed away failed to hear the heart and teaching on this issue. I feel they would have liked it.

We all mess us. How we deal with that is the issue and the point. Do we run away from it, do we avoid talking about it, or do we bring it out into the light?

I was proud of the way the GLS handled the complexity of this situation. It gave me some valuable tools. I look forward to hosting it in 2019.

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