Velvet Elvis

Almost finished the “Velvet Elvis” a book from Rob Bell.
It is a challenging, interesting and thoughtful book.
Here are two quotes so far…

“Perhaps we should replace the word missionary with tour guide, because we cannot show people something we haven’t seen”.

“Some people actually believe that God is absent from a place until you get there. The problem with this idea is that if God is not there before you get there, there is no there”.

I think there is enough to keep my small brain going for a long time on those two statements alone.

He also challenges the need for a five year plan etc. Basically outlining how his church grew overnight, despite their lack of Church Growth principles. Look, that can happen. And I don’t want to make up any reasons why it happened at Mars Hill and could not happen at Bedford. What I will say is that Rob Bell is the best, without peer, preacher I have ever heard. And I have not heard him preach live, not even a video, unless you include the Nooma Videos. I have just listened via the web. I think a lot of the growth for the church may have come through that, which is an unusual way actually for church to grow.
Not all of us have that experience, and I feel God has given me a dream, a vision. So when I speak of a five year plan, I am talking of that. Not a set in stone business plan which cannot be divereted from, changed and grown organically.

I am loving this book, maybe because he is saying stuff I have been thinking for years. Its probably aimed at pastors, and anyone who wants to be challenged in their thinking.

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