Samsung Service is brilliant

On this blog I have bagged various organisations for bad or ordinary service.

Time for a great story.

Recently I bought a SAMSUNG copy/fax/printer for the church.

We have just transfered all our internet and phone stuff to AAPT who set up a duet line. This means we could keep our fax number, but have it on the same line, and get charged about 1/10th the price.

I suspected my new Samsung Fax would support this, so I rang their customer care guy. Not only did he help me, he rang me on my mobile so he could then ring my landline and set it up for me. I cant believe how

  • knowledgable he was
  • helpful he was
  • efficient he was

He cared about my problem, knew how to fix it, and did!!!!!
His name was Mark by the way,
well done SAMSUNG

One thought on “Samsung Service is brilliant”

  1. I think it’s good to show great service. Did you send a letter to his boss? That stuff always works well in corporations.

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