Freedom of Religion

What is discrimination?

“the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, sex, or disability”

As someone who has children who have gone through Christian Education I am well aware of the value of a school which shares your values. It strikes me as odd that someone would enrol their child in a Christian School and then be upset when the schools Christian values were offensive to their own. Some have suggested that Christian schools should not be able to hire teachers who share and demonstrate Christian values not only as a good idea but as something deeply ingrained within their soul.

Private schools who receive government funding are an essential part of education across the spectrum. They actually assist the whole of the society in seeing the next generation educated. They are responsible to governments for the quality of education the students receive. And the proof is in the result where often private school students do well in Atar and University placements.

To not allow Christians and all faith groups to practice their faith which would include the raising and education of their children is bigotry. What makes the secular philosophy and values the right one?

Discrimination is something we all practice. We choose our friends, our restaurant of choice and something far more important, the education of our children. This is not unjust discrimination it is choice. Something we should allow in a fair, just and democratic society.

What is often not understood is that the things which make Christian charity, education and social work great is peoples love for Jesus. He inspires, challenges and empowers them. If you take that away you don’t necessarily get the other.

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