Smoking Paprika and Cayenne Pepper

Recently I was fortunate enough to obtain something I have wanted for years, a Kamado Joe. It is a ceramic smoker, griller, bbq and pizza oven all rolled into one.

I have been cooking pork neck, pulled pork, ribs, wings, pizza, brisket and everything else with it. Its amazing.

Last week I was at my local fruit and veg shop and grabbed a bag of cayenne peppers and a bag of paprika.

I set the Kamado for under 100 degrees celsius and took the opportunity to smoke some pork belly at the same time.

This took about 7 hours or so of low and slow smoke using some apple wood I had.

Then I dried the paprika and peppers out in the dryer for another 10 hours

The final product has so much aroma its actually incredible. I use it with olive oil as a rub on chicken. I also have used it in beans and bacon to make bbq beans. The smell of smoke and spice is so strong its indescribable.

This final picture has nothing to do with the above post. I just thought I would post it. This is the pork belly covered in butter and homemade bbq sauce after being smoked for about 8 hours about to get grilled.

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