Knowing Jesus

I do not believe you can willingly continue in gross and abusive sin and be in fellowship with Jesus.

I have been pondering how some leaders and preachers can continue on in their role while sinning in ways that are a betrayal of the position and authority they have been given. Once I asked a preacher who had been caught what is was like preaching when he was continuing on with an affair he was having with a lady from his church. He told me he was watching revival break out as though a second hand observer, in the third person. He was preaching, people were being saved, but he was not present.

I cannot deny his witness and experience. I cannot deny the incredible grace of God to continue to use His word through people who are not only seriously flawed but also wilfully sinning.

What I do know is that if you are willingly continuing in gross sin particularly as a teacher or leader, you are out of fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Maybe there is skill there in unpacking the word of God. Maybe you have past experiences of God you can draw upon. But you are not drawing on Gods power. The Spirit is sitting on the sidelines waiting for you to hear His convicting voice.

I believe the scripture when it talks of Anninias and Sapphire. Taken out because they had lied to God. I believe Paul when he says that some of you are sick or falling asleep because you have taken communion unworthily. God will not be mocked.

I rejoice in the peace and wonder of knowing Jesus. Of the grace and joy when He forgives our sin. And He does, when we ask. Because He is faithful and just.

But don’t tell me that some in recent days are experiencing the presence and joy of the Holy Spirit while continuing for months and years doing what they have been doing. I don’t believe it.

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