Only $40 a month

For $40 a month you can get 26 channels, seven sports channels. “Ongoing packages range from $36.95 to $101.95 per month.”

Either that or you can potentially save a child’s life, give him or her hope for their future.
This morning our family adopted a little boy. (Well sort of!)
We are sponsoring a child through Compassion. No father, living in Hondorus, speaks Spanish.
Sure makes me feel better about myself than the prospect of watching more TV, especially since Fox lost the footy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Only $40 a month”

  1. Good onya for sponsoring a child thru Compassion. We got a letter from our child last week. It is a huge blessing both ways – to the child and your family.

    PS. I also had the Foxtel/Sponsorship decision several months back…looking back now I am glad we went with Compassion 🙂

  2. I was only joking about the foxtel thing

    if there was a decision there, it would be whether to get my Dockers membership or foxtel, and NOTHING beats being at the game!

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