Results are all that matters, when?

The last post on this subject went a little off skew, perhaps because I like to stir.
In an Aussie context, what do we mean by results?
Surely the key is leading people to Christ.
But how long will that take?
Some people say as much as 5 years, maybe more.

I do know this. If people are going to follow Christ, we need to befriend them, and that takes time.
Jesus, in the passage listed below, went to a lot of parties, and threw a few Himself, including supplying the drinks (no skippers required in Jerusalem though!)

Maybe we should do the same. Maybe the focus of our efforts should be borne out of love and friendship, not programs.
Programs can and should facilitate relationships. But having the best programs in the world wont do squat if people aren’t prepared to get out of their shells and make friends. I find that tough.

One thought on “Results are all that matters, when?”

  1. I think you’re onto something… probably something the EC has been talking about for some time. I know John Bond has talked about it too. I wonder how Jesus words not to just invite your friends, but the outcasts also, fits in?

    But the great thing about programmes is I don’t have to get so involved in people’s lives. (That’s sarcasm, btw). They do have a place, though. They can enable us to minister to more needs. But then, maybe Christians engaging the poor and needy could do the same thing???

    But I don’t want to go too far down that line, it will mean I’m accounable too!

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