Throw a party!!!

Throw a party this month!
 Matthew 18
16 “To what can I compare this generation? It is like children playing a game in the public square. They complain to their friends,
 17 ‘We played wedding songs,
      and you didn’t dance,
   so we played funeral songs,
      and you didn’t mourn.’
 18 For John didn’t spend his time eating and drinking, and you say, ‘He’s possessed by a demon.’ 19 The Son of Man, on the other hand, feasts and drinks, and you say, ‘He’s a glutton and a drunkard, and a friend of tax collectors and other sinners!’ But wisdom is shown to be right by its results.”

What results is Jesus talking about here? What is the conflict?
Well it seems the religious leaders of Jesus;’ day were getting very upset because Jesus was going to lots of parties, drinking and eating.
They did not like that Jesus was ‘hanging out with’ a whole bunch of sinners, and seemingly enjoying Himself!!
Yet Jesus replies, “wisdom is show to be right by its results”. In other words, what Jesus was doing would be proven right if it had good results. I reckon the results Jesus was talking about was people becoming Christians.
As Christians we can get very comfortable in our “holy huddles” . I know I can! Do you ever find yourself wondering if you have any non church friends? Maybe its time to make some!!
Throw a party!
Melinda and I are throwing a street party this year, and I dare say there will be lots of drinking and eating. Pray there are also some wonderful results. Maybe you could think of something you could do for your friends this year?

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  1. Have you heard Erwin McManus talking about ‘Party Theology’?

    I’ll have to see if I’ve still got a copy of it on my computer. I’ll let you know if I’ve still got it. It’s brilliant.

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