Ben here before, probably ben here again

Once again, the ‘spiritual captain’ of the budgies has found himself embroiled in controvery, having being arrested for public drunkeness in Melbourne.

Apparently he was drinking until 4.30am with serial offender, Michael Gardiner (betcha the Saints are glad they picked him up)

Now if my maths is correct, this is his third ‘last chance’. Lets see what spin the Weagles put on his latest indiscretion.

6 thoughts on “Ben here before, probably ben here again”

  1. When I heard Gardiner was involved my heart sank. But maybe this time he got out at the right time.
    How about Farmer and Dodd getting in a fight at Club Bayview.

  2. It’s all a bit sad really. I know these guys are meant to be role models, but are we expecting too much as a society? They got into it because they’re good at footy. At the very least we seem content to live with double standards.

    I hope they don’t dump him though 😉

  3. If you are a card carrying WCE member, you certainly would not want ‘run Ben run” as a role model for your kids thats for sure.

  4. good call dockersfan.. benny reckons they were picking on him and that he was unlucky but it seems that he just doesn’t know when to shut up and fade into the background.

    who wouldn’t thought that little kid in the wafl ads would’ve turned out to be such a w*#ker

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