Pavlich to lead Dockers to Premiership Glory

In the greatest story known to the football world, Matthew Pavlich is to lead the Dockers to their premiership glory in 2007.

“No it wasn’t (automatic). I spent a good 10 weeks over the break and over the first few weeks of the pre-season thinking it over and talking to a few people,” Pavlich said. ” (I was) assuring it was the right thing for me, and the whole club. I sounded out Josh, Peter and few other players a lot to make sure that it was the right thing.
“It is very important the decision was ratified by everyone, the club, the players and myself before it was accepted.”
Pavlich becomes the club’s seventh captain, having played 153 games for Fremantle, the last 122 consecutively, a club record.
A vice-captain since 2003, Pavlich has been the Dockers’ leading goal kicker the last two seasons, while off the field he is studying medical science at the University of Western Australia.


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