David Luecke

You reckon you’ve got problems with your significance.

This guy has more. He is a wealthy landowner outside Austin, Texas who decided some trees on his large property needed clearing, and so he spelt his last name out. The name is 13,720 feet long and 3,100 feet high, which is probably the biggest name on earth.
Shame about the trees though, high price for vanity!
If you have Google Earth you can find it. Close to Buescher State Park near Smithville in Texas.

2 thoughts on “David Luecke”

  1. The “wealthy landowner” was clearing all of the trees for his cattle operation and had to leave wind breaks for the cattle when the weather gets rough so he spelled out his name with the wind breaks. The trees were going away one way or another. The Austin American Statesman did an article on him back on March 6th 2000…

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