Back in Orange

10 Days in Kalbarri
Fishing, swimming, building sand castles, reading books, the Australian Newspaper, watching cricket.
Spending quality time with my wife and family. eating fresh bread, taking our time to get wherever we were going.
I will post some pictures soon.

This is the book I read while I was away. Had it delivered for free.
Simple and clear book, practical, my sort of writer. Reccomend it if you are in the habit of trying to be someone you are not.

“Are you tired of pretending? Living walled up? Going only skin deep? Craig Groeschel , pastor of the thriving, sure was. And in his refreshingly raw and real book, he comes clean. Not that he has anything other than typical, human stuff to confess. Check out a few of his musings: I have to work hard to stay sexually pure, I hate prayer meetings, sometimes I doubt God , and I can’t stand a lot of Christians . Through his incredible honesty, he opens the door for you to follow suit. Are you ready to dig deep and let God shine through the genuine you? No more living just to please others. No more hiding. You can be who God called you to be. You can live for an audience of One. “

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