New I Phone

Now all the fuss has died down about the Apple Iphone, lets examine it.
Its funky, its trendy, it has a touch screen.
It plays music, it is a phone.
Apart from being funky and trendy, I cant find one thing it does better than my O2 PDA, and there are a stack of things my pda does that the Iphone does not do.

Steve Jobs, ““Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything,” Jobs said. I dont think so Steve. A triumph of style over substance.
In fact the features it does have, are ones which it has copied from Blackberries, PDA’s etc.
Nothing new here people, move on, move on.

3 thoughts on “New I Phone”

  1. i guess for starters the battery life would be better on the iPhone when compared to the O2 unit. a mate has 02 atom [from memory] and battery life is not much chop depending on the usage i guess.


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